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We strive to identify the best health care provider and center that will cater for the need of each individual taking in to consideration, the individualís health status and unique nature of his condition. Ladan Medical Center will therefore perform preliminary clinical screening and evaluation to determine individualís needs. We will partner with other health care providers in Africa to determine the need for medical care in the US so we can assist those who need advance health care to achieve these.

Our Special Services

  1. 1. Internal Medicine Services
  2. 2. Travel Clinic
  3. 3. Sports Physicals
  4. 4. Womenís Health
  5. 5. Local Referral Services
  6. 6. International Referral Services
  7. 7. Medical Equipment and Supplies
  8. 8. Medical Manufacturing
  9. 9. Physician Supervise Weight Loos Program